Product director

2018/08/17 shenzhen Not limited to

Product director

15000-20000 January

Education: Bachelor degree

Experience: 3-5 years

Number of recruits: some

Job description

Position: product director

Basic requirement: age is not limited, sex is not limited.

Location: Baoan District, Shenzhen

Job description:

The post of product director is as follows:

1. product strategy formulation and implementation according to the results of market research.

2. responsible for mastering the market sales situation of products, analyzing and judging the life cycle of products;

3. product life cycle management;

4. responsible for developing enterprise brand development strategy, supervising implementation and controlling progress.

5. grasp the market situation, including the competitor's product strategy, and formulate the response plan according to the specific situation.

6. research and develop new products and formulate new product marketing strategies;

7. analyze whether the market communication strategy of enterprise product and brand is effective and make effective improvement.

8. Project management, responsible for coordinating product managers to carry out personnel flow between products, product coordination, etc.

9. responsible for daily management of product department.

10. complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Working address: Shenzhen

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