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Program Development, Chip Development, Single Chip Microcomputer Development

The MRF600R/MRF610R is a fully integrated OOK/ASK receiver for the 315 / 433.92 MHz frequency bands requiring few external components.
The MRF600R/MRF610R receiver chain consists of a lownoise amplifier (LNA), image-rejection mixer (IRM), built-in channel-select filter (CSF), OOK/ASK demodulator, data filter, and data slicing comparator. The local oscillator (LO) sub-system incorporates a monolithic VCO, ÷ 32 feedback divider, loop filter and fast start-up reference oscillator to form a complete phase-locked loop-based frequency synthesizer for single channel applications. The MRF600R/MRF610R also includes an on-chip voltage regulator.
The MRF600R/MRF610R is available in a 16-pin SSOP/SOP package and is specified over the temperature range from –40 to +85 °C.

Automotive Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
Remote control
Garage door and gate openers
Suitable for applications that must adhere to either the European ETSI-300-220 or the North merican FCC (Part 15) regulatory standards

Covers 315 and 433.92 MHz frequency bands
Low power consumption: 4.3 mA for 315 MHz band and 4.6 mA for 433.92 MHz band under normal operating conditions
Requires few external components
Achieves excellent sensitivity on the order of –114dBm for 315 MHz band and –114 dBm for 433.92 MHz band (peak ASK signal level)
Supply voltage range: 2.4 to 5.5 V
Supports data rates up to 10 Kb/s
Wide input dynamic range with automatic gain control handling