Intelligent electric oven, control circuit board, oven circuit board, PCBA manufacturing and assembly

2024-05-16 09:26:04 hongling

Manufacturing and assembly of intelligent electric oven control circuit board and oven circuit board PCBA

Product Introduction

The oven control board can be divided into embedded electric oven control board, desktop small oven control board, etc.


Product features

1. Clock function, 24-hour timing

2. Alarm function, set alarm within 24 hours

3. Appointment of oven working hours, 24 hours for any setting

4. The working time of the oven can be set, with a maximum setting of 10 hours

5. Automatic program setting and automatic detection function

6. LCD display with blue backlight

7. Baking mode: pizza, grilled meat, toasted bread, insulation

8. Over temperature protection function


Product features

1. Using far-infrared metal electric heating tubes for heating, the heating speed is fast, the temperature is uniform, and it saves electricity.

2. The furnace temperature can be adjusted within the range of 50 ℃ -300 ℃, making it easy to operate and stable in performance.

3. The overheat protection device can fully disconnect the power supply in case of overheating, ensuring safety and reliability.

4. The use range of the dual structure of the bracket and bottom plate has greatly increased.

5. The spring type semi-automatic furnace door is flexible to open, tightly sealed, and durable.

6. The use of pressure type temperature controllers can operate at extremely low voltages, without being affected by voltage fluctuations and affecting electrical performance.