Development of Microcontroller for Vaccination Device Circuit Board

2024-05-17 10:35:18

Development Description of Inoculation Device Circuit Board:

1. ISOLA: For traditional methods that have been used for over 100 years, the birth of ISOLA has ushered in a new era of automation for bacterial inoculation and won the "2010 Medical Instrument Design * * * Award";

2. The original inoculum applicator is equivalent to using 17 inoculum rings simultaneously, effectively utilizing the plate inoculation area to rotate 330 degrees, and increasing the separation of individual colonies by 44%;

3. The inoculum applicator and suction head are both disposable, thus avoiding cross contamination;

4. It can simultaneously process 6 different specimens, with an additional 114 specimens processed at once. During the process, there is no need to switch programs, and common clinical specimens such as urine, feces, sputum, swabs, etc. can be directly inoculated;

5. A Qualcomm presentation platform that can complete 180 tablet inoculations within 1 hour;

6. Can load new tablets at any time and unload completed tablets at any time;

7. It can be operated directly on the touch screen, making the operation simpler and more convenient;

8. The instrument can automatically print barcode labels for each tablet to ensure data traceability;

9. Can connect to the LIS system and directly import patient and specimen information;

10. Fully automated instruments have improved the repeatability, comparability, and biosafety of results in the laboratory; And optimized the workflow of the existing laboratory.

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