Development of Car Fast Charger PCBA

2024-05-17 10:36:21

Development of Car Fast Charger PCBA

Technical parameter description:

This product is a high-performance car charger with a 5V/1A output. Use your car to charge any device (digital camera, PDA, phone, USB accessory, etc.) with a reliable USB power source! The adapter is inserted into the cigarette lighter socket of the car to become an active USB port. It is beneficial for long journeys and convenient for business!

1.1 Characteristics

Built in high-quality IC, allowing for a voltage range of 5V-42V input.

When the LED indicator light of the cigarette lighter is inserted, it turns blue.

Output * * * current limitation and overload protection.

The shell of this product is made of fire-resistant materials.

Automatic protection.

Internal temperature protection.

Lightweight, smart, and convenient to use.


1. Insert the USB car charger into the car cigarette lighter, and the LED indicator light will light up, which is blue.

2. Insert the USB port of the USB cable into the output interface of the car charger, and then plug the electrical device (such as a phone, MP3 player, camera series) into the other end of the USB cable.

3. After fully charging the electrical equipment, please unplug the car charger

Advantage description:

L. The internal chip allows for a voltage range of 5V-42V input, which is not easily damaged (40V meets Apple's ATS certification requirements)

PCB board and heat dissipation treatment, use of grounding spring for radiation from car chargers (Apple cooling technology).

The patented circuit board design protects your valuable small tools from short circuits.

The current limitation and overload protection of * * * output can effectively protect users' mobile phones or high-end electronic devices from damage.

The automatic protection function can effectively protect the internal circuits of the car from burning and damage.

Input high voltage to prevent the pressure of the cigarette lighter from damaging the product.

The shell of this product is made of fire-resistant materials, which will not cause accidents, even in complex situations.

Output indicator lights and use a soft halo ring to prevent glare accidents at night.

matters needing attention

After starting the car, please plug in the car charger.

After the car is turned off, please unplug the car charger and stop using it.

Note: Our product has protective functions, and the above two tips are recommended as they are beneficial and harmless.

3. Do not use electronic products of car chargers that exceed or do not meet the standard charging specifications to avoid any problems.

4. It is normal for the car charger to generate heat during use,,.

5. When the car charger stops working due to overcurrent, overheating, or short circuit protection (after unplugging the device, the car charger automatically resumes operation), then you need to check whether the device is compatible with the car charger.

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