Development of circuit board scheme for sputum expectorant instrument

2024-05-17 10:37:05

Development description of the sputum expectorant circuit board:

The vibrating sputum extractor is one of the important devices we cloned by copying boards. According to the principles of clinical chest physical therapy, it generates a specific direction of periodic therapeutic force on the surface of the patient's body. The percussion and tremor generated by the vertical therapeutic force can promote the relaxation and liquefaction of mucus and metabolites on the surface of the respiratory mucosa; The directional squeezing and tremors generated by the horizontal therapeutic force help the liquefied mucus to be expelled from the body in the selected direction (such as bronchioles → bronchioles → trachea).

Product advantages:

The vibration sputum extractor replaces traditional manual chest tapping, tremors, and directional squeezing for positional drainage, and has the following advantages:

Integrating three functions of percussion, tremor, and squeezing to perform directional positional drainage, improving the clinical scope of use and treatment effectiveness;

Deep penetration, the therapeutic power generated can penetrate the cortex, muscles, tissues, and body fluids, and has a significant effect on the expulsion of deep sputum;

The therapeutic power is continuously stable and can shorten the treatment time, which is not easily affected by the operator's emotions, fatigue, experience, etc;

The changes in therapeutic power are relatively mild, and the patient's comfort is enhanced, especially for patients with poor tolerance;

Equipped with various percussion heads, it can meet the needs of patients in any normal position. Three intelligent work programs suitable for the physical characteristics of Chinese people are available for selection, resulting in more ideal treatment effects;

Easy to use, easy to learn, without affecting the operation of other monitoring equipment;

It can reduce the clinical dosage of antibiotics and accelerate the cure of diseases.

Technical parameters:

Oscillation frequency: 10Hz-60Hz, continuously adjustable

Timing time: 1min-60min, continuously adjustable

Four standard combinations of percussion heads meet the treatment needs of different patients and positions

Three intelligent work programs suitable for Chinese human body characteristics.

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